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This site is dedicated to prepare Christians for tribulation, times of persecution, affliction and hardship which will test our faith in Jesus Christ. In particular this is intended for Christians in the West who have not had to endure persecution for over 500 years. This is a work in progress and I intend to expand and update it regularly.

Throughout the world Christians are experiencing unprecedented tribulation through persecution, discrimination and political pressure to conform to the world's mould, politically, religiously and socially. Tens of thousands of Christians have perished for no other reason than for their faith in and loyalty to Christ.This has become particularly evident in Islamic societies with the rise of a puritanical and militant Islam. In India, there has arisen a militant Hinduism which seeks, first to prevent Hindus from leaving their religion and secondly to purge non-Hindu faiths from the nation. In communist regimes, such as China and Vietnam, Christians are increasingly under pressure to conform to the ruling government's ideology. In Western countries, where for five centuries we have enjoyed relative peace and security, Christians are now experiencing increasing antipathy by many levels society and governments which no longer uphold or are sympathetic to Christian values. This should be seen as one of the warning signs of coming tribulation which will only increase in frequency and intensity, like birth pangs, as the time of the end draws closer (Matthew 24:8), culminating in what Jesus called the Great Tribulation. Jesus said a time would come when we would be hated by all nations (Matthew 24:9). So we need to be aware, prepared and take to heart the many warnings given to us in the Bible of such times.

When we see signs that a storm, a hurricane or cyclone (as they are known in the southern hemisphere) is approaching we prepare - by securing, strengthening and ensuring we have essential supplies to see us through. If we wait until the storm is on us, it will be too late. The signs of coming tribulation are evident and so we need to prepare now.

The Bible speaks of two times of tribulation: tribulation generally, which we can expect as followers of Christ at any time, and the time which Jesus forewarned us of as the Great Tribulation (as revealed in Matthew 24 and Mark 13). It will be a relatively brief time but one of unprecedented and intense persecution, trouble and spiritual deception (which I believe presents the greatest danger) such that many will fall away from the faith. Though Jesus and the apostles warned of this time, many today believe true Christians, the Church, will be secretly raptured, or caught up, to be with Christ before the Great Tribulation and before His visible coming to earth. This will examined more closely in 'Will the Church Go Through the Great Tribulation?'. Never-the-less, whatever you believe, it is evident that tribulation for Christians - by persecution and through spiritual deception, is increasing world-wide on multiple fronts.

The tribulation and associated persecution of Christians in the past and in recent history is well documented and there are many resources and websites dedicated to this. While Western Christians have been spared persecution for some 500 years, our brothers and sisters in Asia, Africa and the Middle East have in recent decades not been. Yet Western Christians need to take note and prepare for the tide is beginning to turn. There have been many instances recently of Christians finding themselves on the wrong side of the law through coming into conflict with 'equality' and 'diversity' laws because they have spoken or practiced what they believe Christ would have them do. Others, having fled persecution in their home countries have then experienced persecution at the hands of other citizens of those nations in the country of refuge.

World-wide Christians are experiencing increased persecution, opposition and moral temptation as never before. Tribulation is occurring on many fronts: physically from without by hostile followers of other religions - Islam and Hinduism, ideologies such as communism and militant atheism, spiritually from within (the greatest and most insidious danger) by false prophets and teachers - which cause some to depart from the way of the Faith as delivered by Jesus, the prophets and apostles, unsettling others by questioning and doubting the Scriptures to conform with popular opinion, reinterpreting them with novel interpretations and unsound teaching.  False teachers will titillate the ears of many, telling what is comforting to the flesh nature by minimising or denying the need to take up our cross, to live a holy life and to suffer, if needs be, for Christ's sake. Such teachers and false shepherds are described in the Bible as wolves in sheep's clothing who have crept in unnoticed (Matthew 7:15, Jude 1:4). The battle within the professing church will be one of the most difficult to contend with.

While we might lament the moral decline and antipathy towards Christianity in western culture and our lack of power to influence it we need to see that that, in part at least, it is because western culture has infiltrated the church. At one time the Bible, as God's authorative word, was the basis of western society. This has, by and large, been abandoned and replaced with human wisdom and 'enlightenment', effectively another religion: secular humanism. Tragically within many churches worldly wisdom has been mixed with or supplanted God's wisdom as revealed in the Scriptures. In particular the foundational book of Genesis is not considered as actual history. The importance of Genesis and the impact not taking it as real history will be examined.

We should not think we will escape tribulation. It is in fact promised (Acts 14:22, 2 Timothy 3:12). While we who are living now may not face the Great Tribulation, for the time is in God's hands, we can expect before that time for our faith to be tested. Jesus and Paul forwarned us there would be a time of great apostasy when many will fall away and depart from the faith. Such warnings need to be heeded and we need to know why many will fall away so we can be prepared to stand firm. Jesus specifically warns us with these words:

And you must watch! I have told you everything in advance (Mark 13:23 HCSB).

If we are prepared we need not fear or be discouraged in tribulation but always have hope and peace. As Jesus also said:

"These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world"  (John 16:33).

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